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About Us

Aiotrogen name is driven from Ai / IOT / Robotics & / Next Generation of Business Solutions
A startup based in Estonia & India, currently providing financial market automation solutions to HNI clients and simultaneously working on other innovative solutions.
We have architected an efficient Ai based Trade Automation Solution, an Ai Driven Engine works on various parameters including Market News Sentiments, Economic & Technical Indicators, Micro Trading etc., giving an efficient engine on financial markets across the globe.
Over past one year, Aiotrogen Business Solutions OÜ has build trusted relationships with many partners across globe, HNI Individuals as both clients & partners, market enthusiasts & participants, paving their way for efficient investing, management of risk via unique investing & trading models through our trading automation systems.
We strive to be the globally trusted home of trading technologies, driving the industry with an extensive offer of innovative products in Ai, IOT, Robotics Automation, & Next Generation Business Solutions that can transform lives.